lunes, 8 de junio de 2009

Lo Pedis, Lo tenes!

Hara unas semanas había hablado de Al Columbia, un autor fascinante, bueno fantagraphics edita un super tomo que trae mucha buena merca de su obra.

Precio 30 dolares, me chupa un huevo me lo re mega compre! Soy fan a morir de Columbia!


lavishly produced portal into the fantastic and frightful world of Pim & Francie. This gorgeous grimoire is part alchemy, part art book, part storybook, part comic book, and part conceptual art from the pen of Al Columbia, a longtime fan favorite contributor to comics anthologies like Zero Zero, Blab!, and more recently, MOME. Collecting over a decade’s worth of ‘artifacts’, excavations, comic strips, animation stills, storybook covers, and much more, this broken jigsaw puzzle of a book tells the story of Pim & Francie, a pair of childlike, male and female imps whose irresponsible antics get them into horrific, fantastic trouble. Their loosely defined relationship only contributes to the existential fear that lingers underneath the various perils they are subjected to. Columbia’s brilliant, fairytale-like backdrops hint at further layers of reality lurking under every gingerbread house or behind every sunny afternoon. Never have such colorful, imaginative vistas instilled such an atmosphere of dread, and with such a wicked sense of humor.

This is a comprehensive collection of Columbia’s Pim & Francie work, including paintings, comics, character designs, and much more, all woven into something greater than the sum of its parts, with Pim & Francie careening from danger to danger, threaded together through text and notes by the artist.

This is the first book collection by Columbia, a well-regarded talent amongst longtime fans of the alternative comic book scene, and one who will thrill an entirely new audience with the singular, inspired, fully-realized fantasies within Pim & Francie. 240 b&w illustrations.


y que las Pastas esten con ustedes!

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SaKi dijo...

Que buenas cosas que andas subiendo, ahora me voy a ver el blog de Fede.

No pasaste por Tierra Freak a leer la entrevista a la Papa?


Leandro dijo...

Sí, es buenísima la entrevista de nuestro amigo Saki a Andrés... ¡¡más allá de que en los comentarios acusen a éste último de ser el Rial del comic!! WTF?? :S

Saludos, Azra.

Timothy Greenfield dijo...

Muy bueno el blog y los informes, no soy un gran fana de los comics pero estan muy bueno como escribe el autor XD saludos!!!