lunes, 4 de enero de 2010

Las cosas que te vuelan el corazon!!

DEEP PURPLE lyrics - Clearly Quite Absurd

After all we said today
The strangest thought occurred
I feel I ought to tell you
But it's clearly quite absurd
Wouldn't it be wonderful
If you could read my mind
Imagine all the stuff
That we could leave behind
How many words you waste
Before you're understood
Or simply sow some seeds
You'd do it if you could
Let me take a moment
Of your time
Inside you mind

I know what you're thinking
But I don't know what to say
The turmoil and the conflict
You don't have to feel that way
Look into my eyes
And feel my hand upon your heart
Holding us together
Not tearing us apart
How many words we waste
To justify a crime
Compare it to an act of love
That really takes no time
Why not take a moment
Of your time
Inside your mind

Impresionante, impecable, diría que me leyo el pensamiento está canción muchas veces en la vida. La verdad sin palabras para algo tan personal e interesante como está canción. Está en el disco Rapture of the deep. Los últimos discos de purple, son más de la onda ian gillan solista que de purple, pero siguen siendo buenos.

Nada era eso nomás queria compartir esa canción!!


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